Hey, Hey, HEYYY!!!

First and foremost, I know I’ve been MIA for about the billionth time since I started this blog. I mean, I love it…but my schedule always seems so packed that by the end of the day, I’m just too tired to blog. So I skipped a month echem…so maybe two….which is really bad and I’m SO sorry about that. It’s just with family, friends, and summer vacations, there’s only so much a girl can handle. So once again, I’m sorry for my super long absence.

So today is a weekend and filming for the Marvilous Marvils got cut short today because “someone” accidentally cut the microphone wires. ūüôā Okay, I just needed some privacy. If the producer knew I had a blog, they’d force my entire family to blog, and then this whole site would be just some advertising¬†gig for my show. As you can conclude, filming has really been taking a toll on me.

Well we are back in school!!! At the Westchester’s Academic St. Clair Preperatory aka. WASP. The most pristiegous high school in Westchester that’s non-uniform since they believe in the “arts.” Whatever the case, the PC and I are just grateful we aren’t wearing Oxfords and plaid¬†skirts five days in a row like the few other private schools in our area. WASP has been great, everyone¬†must have¬†been keeping up with the Marvilous Marvils during the summer and¬†i’ve been signing so many notebooks and photographs with my Tiffany and Co montblanc pen my hands¬†might just fall off!¬†¬†Though I’ll admit, it’s kinda fun being the mini celebrity in school who everyone fawns and drools over. Must be how my mom feels like all the time.¬†Besides, a little extra attention¬†never hurts anyone!!!

So¬†back to the subject. Today, school went pretty alright. I just finished programming my new schedule into my handy dandy¬†new Palm¬†Pilot after getting jumbled up with my classes for the last three weeks!¬†It seems like everyone has been posting their schedules but I don’t really see the point so I’m not going to¬†because it’s not like any of you go to WASP (other than the PC) and share any of my classes. Even though it would be pretty cool if you girls did happen to do so. ūüėČ Since it’s the fourth week of school, we haven’t done much but settle in our new classrooms and go through a bunch of useless review information and guidelines on how to use the school’s newest technology. It’s a complete snoozer! So I spend 3/4ths of the morning in pretending to take notes on my brand new MacBook while skyping with Derrick Harrington instead. For lunch, we decided to stop by Pinkberry since at WASP, we have free period lunch where you can leave the school for an hour during lunch period. There were a few cute guys there and Massie and Alicia chalked it up to flirting even though Alicia is with Josh. Unfortunately, Massie’s still a C-minus but knowing her, it won’t be for long! We were having so much, we “accidently skipped two periods but Issac signed us a pass so we didn’t get into any trouble. The rest of the day was bore, and not worth mentioning.

It’s not a long post, but Derrick just Skyped and he’s waiting for a reply! I’ll talk to girls soon!!


Dylan Marvil


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A Southampton typical Day

Hey Girls,

Yes, has been a bit of a while, but when you finally get to go on vacation after filming a reality show for months can you really blame me? As much I love¬†as giving you all a nice fresh update on the latest happenings, I prefer sprawling out on the sand flipping through glossy magazine pages with my D&G aviators on top of my head. So just incase I happen to drift off for awhile I suggest catching up¬†about me with¬†the latest Marvilous Marvils. Even if it’s just a bunch a re-runs from season 1. Ha! I’m advertising my show, my publicist would have loved that. I guess show-biz is really rubbing off on me. Then what can I say, I was born for the camera.

Yet enough about my show. I know, my last post was a sorry excuse for a post. So to make up for it, I’ll give you all an (as detailed as I can) post. Happy? You should be. Dylan Marvil is here!

Has anyone ever told you that red head’s really know how to burn? Well they do, and FYI: I mean sunburn. As I’m more than sure I’ve stated before, I’m with the Pretty Committee at Massie’s Summer home in Southampton. It’s gorgeous here, and the beach screams stunning. The water is a robin’s egg, Tiffany box blue and the sand is like sugar. White, although much finer. In such a beautiful place, who could go bored. After all, I have my best friends with me and the beach. Two things that already gaurantee a fabulous Summer. Waking up in the morning is like waking up in heaven. Inez, Massie’s live-in housekeeper, always delivers my mocha in my room on a silver tray with small cute little pots filled with sugar, zero calorie sweetners, cream, milk, and a small delicate silver spoon on the side. It’s such a luxury. When I come down for breakfast, there’s an array of mouth watering waffles and pancakes, turkey bacon, turkey sausages, eggs, omeletes, french pastries, and fresh baked bread. It’s a sight. Of course I’m the only one inhaling these goodies that Inez has prepared while Massie, Alicia, and Kristen eat their bowl of freshly cut fruit drizzled with honey. Claire eats Fruit Loops, and a few pancakes/waffles. I, as you can predict, eat everything. In small portions that is. ūüėČ

Breakfast is great but afterwards the girls and I go for a walk or a light jog on the beach. Kristen needs to stay in shape for soccer, so she runs ahead occasionally, but mostly we just wade our feet on the shore and walk off our calories we’ve eaten. This is usually when we start planning our day. Activities are scheduled and our day gets booked.

Afterwards we all head in to shower. Whether it’s spa-days, shopping trips, a game of tennis, or¬†hanging by the pool/beach, we always have the best of time joking around. This is the time we play truth or dare, and what would you rather. We gossip about the latest news which Alicia always has and tally up our gossip points. This time of day is usually my favorite. My besties are all hanging out and chilling around on a beautiful Summer day.

Soon we stop by for lunch at a restaurant. Usually a place that serves sushi. We talk and enjoy the sunny easy breezy atmosphere.

After another activty, the Pretty Committee occasionly stops by Starbucks for an iced vanilla latte with two splendas. When we girls have been so busy all day, we need the all the adrenaline and caffeine we can get.¬†Later on, the PC comes home and has dinner. Another delicious meal courtesy of Inez’s gourmet home cooking. Yum!

When it get’s super dark out, the PC and I slip out and either go swimming in the beach or the pool. Swimming under the stars is such a gorgeous experiance! Especially with my girls. After a shower or bubble bath, the PC dresses in our silk cami’s and boy shorts and prepare for bed.

It may sound long but when you’re having good times, the time seems to come around faster. Funny isn’t it? Well that’s my typical day at the Hamptons. It may not seem like much to you, but it’s so much fun, and everything to me.


xo-Dylan Marvil-xo


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Summer luh-v’in!

Hey Everyone!

Moi! Touring the town.

Your absolutely favorite Dylan Marvil is back! Yes, it’s been awhile, but with the Marvilous Marvil’s show filming everyday, I just couldn’t find the time to blog. But now that it’s Summer, I have all the time in the world. Luh-cky for you girls, now not only will you be able to see my life from the big screen. You can hear my thoughts right here from WordPress. Exciting right?!?!

So…where am I now? If you’ve been doing your PC homework and checking up on everyone’s blogs, you’d know I am relaxing by the beach at the Turks of Caicos. The Marvilous Marvils are on a break until July when we start filming again. Thank Gawd! If I have to see one more camera and hear “action!” yelled anymore, I juhst might lose it. Now the network is thinking up giving me a reality spin-off. I don’t think I want to do it, but my my mom, Merri-Lee is urging me to take the deal. I’m still thinking about it!

Anyways, enough ranting. Let me tell you, I love this trip to the Turks. It’s¬† pretty much an all you can eat buffet for¬†breakfast, lunch and dinner! YUMx 10000!¬† Not to sound like a total and complete pig, but I love gourmet buffets. Ask anyone…even the PC. I feel sorry for Alicia. She doesn’t eat in public, which is a shame to waste such a feast. I guess I’ll eat for the both of us. JK! As much as I love food, I’d rather be able to fit in my new D&G zebra print tankini. Too bad I can’t have both.

Good News! Head out to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond. Dyl-icious Ice Cream Makers are on sale TODAY! YAY! Pre-made flavor recipes and instructions are included. Courtesy of Cuisine Art and Claire Lyons! Instant cold treats for hot Summer days. What could be better!!!!! I had five specially made ice-cream makers sent to the PC. They are bedazzled with real 5k diamonds and they spell out their names. Ah-dorable right? I think so. ūüôā

It’s been quite awhile since I updated so spread the word that I am officially back. Pretty Please?! Comment and give me your opinion of the Ice Cream Makers. You gotta love Summer!! Especially now that I’m back! So send me some luh-ve‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

~Dylan Marvil~



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Eat Your HEART out!

What’s up Girls?!?!

Getting ready for Valentines Day? I’m sure most of you are. Well Me? After going shopping with Kristen in the famous Meat Packing District, I’m lounging on my bed sipping a green tea diet smoothie and calculating how many calories I can ah-fford to eat this Valentines day. That, and semi-doing my trigonometry homework. I can nehver remember SOH-CAH-TOA. ughhh!!! Leave it to the teachers to give me homework on the weekend before Valentines Day. haha.

Things have been cuh-razy lately. My Mom’s hosting a Daily Grind Valentine Special. She’s doing a whole segment with the entire cast of last year’s V-Day movie, This Valentines day. Everyone including Taylor Swift will be there.¬† The Daily Grind producer and all the management people are always calling the house, coming in and out, and running by the schedule with my mom. It’s ah-noying times ten! lol. But I suppose that’s the price you have to pay when your mom’s a world wide famous tv show host of America’s number one most watched morning show. *sigh*

Since I’m single and still mingling, I’m nawt in the Valentines Day blogging mood. Tawking about my love-less live is nawt something I particularly enjoy, so I’m just gonna skip it, m’kay? Well OCD is holding its official Cheerleading try-outs. Principle Burns chose Massie and Alicia to be co-captains of OCD’s Heart-nets. I’m trying out just for the buh-lievability of “try-outs” but I know for a fact that I have a sure spawt. After all… Massie and Alicia are the captains and I’m their Bff!!! Claire is trying out, but nawt Kristen. Since it’s a school thing, we need parent to sign a sheet of approval. Kris’s mom, Marsha Gregory, is apparently against the whole cheerleading thing. According to Kristen, she finds it a sexist sport, and the outfits are “prostitute-like” and “inappropriate” her words…nawt mine. I think its a great sport. A sport that you can actually wear fashionable clothes and show school spirit. But anyways, Kristen couldn’t have made the squad anyways. Soccer practice interferes with cheer practice, but awn the bright side, we’ll all be cheering her awn at all her games!

Okaaay…I’d post more, but I’ve gawt to go!¬† My sisters Ryan, Jaime, and I going out to eat at Panache with our mom. She wants our opinion on her Valentines Day Special…ughhhh!!! Wish me luck. Atleast Panache has good food.

Eat your HEART out this Valentines Day!!!

Eat, Pray, ‚ô• Dyl


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ALWAYS the Best… and NEVER Less!


It’s been about a month since I’ve last updated, and I’m sure you’re all in need of a fresh brand new update. After awl, an alpha’s schedule changes as often as the weather, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest details.

WordPress Idol: Courtesy of Yourstrulygossipgurrl, WordPress Idol has come to life. The ultimate contest(or so I’ve heard), that’ll determine the latest and greatest Alphas. My clique and I, have registered, and I’m ready to compete. My clique is the best, and I’m sure all of you know it. ( nawt to sound cocky or anything.) ūüėÄ

The Pretty Committee: Lately, the PC and I have been preparing for Snowflake SPA-tacular Day. The exclusive OCD day for all girls to pay a certain fee, and spend the day relaxing in bliss and silence. Normally, we wouldn’t be organizing these types of fundraisers, but Massie’s mom is the head chair lady for the event, and it’s only alpha of us to lend a hand with our high capacity of knowledge about the best Sephora products. The event is scheduled to be held on February 1, 2011. I’m looking forward¬† to getting my tomato red curls professionally straigtened to smooth glossy strands of perfection! Other than that, the PC and I have been doing ah-lawt of shawpping and spending time together. We’ve recently watched Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, and though I could have lived without some inappropraite scenes, the storyline wasn’t too bad. We had fun afterwards at Alicia’s house, sitting in her state of the art home dance/gym room, cranking the music up high and dancing around, while Joyce, Alicia’s live-in housekeeper wheeled in a three-tier fro-yo cart, with all the toppings you could fathom. Yummy!

Dylan’s Love life: My love life is currently consists of Mike Ike, the chewy candies I’ve smuggled into my room after my mom has gone to bed. Unlike real guys, Mike Ike is trustworthy, and very SWEET! Perhaps even the sweetest guy I’ve ehver met. hahaha. I’m currently single, but who says being single is a bad thing? To me, it’s just no strings attached, and the more hawtties to flirt with. ūüėÄ

Diets: Ughh! Due to Mike Ike, I’ve gained about ten pounds in less than a week. My current diet is the South Beach Diet. Mom says if I lose 20 pounds by Valentines day, she’ll let me dye my red hair. Despite how utterly pointless this is, since after all the Valentines I’ll get, I’ll probably gain all my pounds back, I’m going to give it a shot, and cross my fingers to see how long I’ll last.

School: OCD has been same as always. We’ve gotten lawts of upgrades and we’ve recently gotten two new¬†upgrades in the New Green Cafe. We have a Serendipity’s which is famous for their frozen hot chocolate, and a new gluten free cupcake bakery called Sugar Babies. The PC has instant first person in line access to both places and we luh-ve them. They’re definitley delish!

* The results are in, and I’m out! I’m nawt sure if WordPress Idol is people voted or judge voted, but I think this blog speaks for itself when determining who’s the best. I am the best and nuh-ting less than perfection! Keep it mind. ūüėĬ†¬†¬†¬†

‚ô• Eat, Pray, ~Dylan Marvil~


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2011’s Marvilous Resolution


Okay first and foremost….I am sooo sorry that i’ve been MIA in like…months! With the PC and all my after school shopping activities I just had soo much on my plate. But I promise that this will change.

Dylan Marvil’s New Year’s Resolution of 2011

1. Spend  more time with my Besties aka. The Pretty Committee.

2. Find a Diet that works!( but still lets me eat!!!)

3. Blog more, so that my Marvilous viewers won’t be disapointed.

4. Find a designer that works well with flattering clothing( so I don’t look like a total whale in the mirror.)

5. Try to be more comfortable with my body.

6. Be more supportive of my famous mother and stick skinny sisters.

Well Happy New Year’s girls!

Do you just luh-ve my New Year’s Resolution??? I usually just break them the first week, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t. Not that I’m the greatest promise keeper to myself…but we’ll see how it works out. I’m sure you all heard about my mom’s New Year’s party in Paris. The PC had a BLAST! The fireworks were my favorite, and I just LOVE the fact that I’m in Paris with my bestfriends. We spent all day shopping drinking skinny lattes and nibbling on the french pastries. Yummy. Tommorow will be our last day in Paris, and we’re flying to Milan! Love that place!! It has the best shops next to Paris. Designer, Designer, Designer!!!! What could get any better than that?? Mom’s doing a show piece on affordable Milan clothing which is why we’re flying there. Though I’m nawt sure she’ll be successful, since the shops in Milan are quite pricey. But who knows.. she is Merri-Lee Marvil. So far since I’ve been here, my sisters Jaime and Ryan have been flirting with all the french hawties and avoiding the french food. ughhh…it’s sickening! But thank gawd the PC is here, or I wouldn’t have survived!

Uhmmm gtg! We’re going out to dinner! I promise a longer worth while post next time!

Eat, Pray, ~ Dylan~





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